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  • Herb Cure For Sinus
    Have you given your life completely to sinusitis infection; thinking there is no way out?
  • Sinus Infection Symptoms, Antibiotics, and Alternative Medicine
    The classic acute sinusitis symptoms are nasal congestion, green nasal phlegm, facial/dental pain, eye pain, headache, and a cough at night.
  • Bacterial Sinusitis and The Neti Pot
    The neti pot can be a useful tool in helping you manage bacterial sinusitis and in keeping your sinuses functioning normally.
  • How To Deal With A Sinus Headache
    This is the reason why people experience headache if they have sinusitis because basically it is located in the face.
  • Sinus Infection - Information on Sinus Infection
    After listening to your history of symptoms, examining your face and forehead, and perhaps doing a sinus X-ray, the doctor says you have sinusitis.
  • Nature Offers Several Cures for Sinusitis
    You have an immune system that can deal with infections like sinusitis.
  • British Study Shows Antibiotics Not Effective Against Sinus Infections
    A new British study has shown that antibiotics, the common prescription of doctors for sinus infections, may not help to cure sinusitis.
  • Treating Rhinitis
    Treating rhinitis in many ways is similar to treating sinusitis.
  • Sinus infection- sinusitis
    The medical term for a sinus infection is sinusitis.
  • How to Avoid Sinusitis
    Millions of Americans are affected by sinusitis every year, much more than in the years before discovering antibiotics.
  • Causes And Cures Of Chronic Sinus Disease
    Chronic sinus disease is an advanced form of sinusitis and it may last for three weeks to three months.
  • Sinus Headaches and Natural Remedies
    Sinus headaches are often experienced by people who suffer sinusitis or inflamed sinus.
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